pasteurized bloomy rind inoculated with blue, it has an ash line in the center
rounds are 5” diameter and weigh 9oz. they are stable enough to portion.
$15.50/lb – sold by the piece

Briéba is based on an American camembert tradition, modified to work with our goat milk and shrunk down to a very manageable 10 oz size. It has a line of vegetable ash in the center, and is aged for approximately six weeks until soft and sticky, but still structural enough to cut into smaller pieces. Rebecca inoculates the milk with a blue mold that doesn’t present in appearance but colors the taste just a bit. This is a fresh, milky tasting cheese even when fully ripe, with tasting notes of mushroom and cream.

Note: our cheese is picked up on Wednesdays. Any orders placed after 10pm on Tuesday will be included in the following week’s order.

Due to variability in the size of our wheels and cut pieces, these prices are estimates.  Our invoice may reflect a different price than what is listed on this website due to weight variations.  Our per pound price is accurate. 

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