raw milk Alpine-style tomme with natural, brushed rind, aged 3 – 6 months
each wheel is 8” diameter and weighs 6lbs
$16.50/lb – sold by the wheel, half wheel, or cut piece (4oz – 6oz)

An alpine style tomme in a larger format, Giguere is a raw, long-aging wheel with a natural rind and a nutty, hard paste. Made in the style of European mountaintop cheesemakers, this is a simple expression of milk and cave: just raw milk, one culture and plenty of time to rest and develop. The curds are heated and stirred manually, and the wheels are pressed softly by stacking. Affinaged without coatings or added molds, the rinds are brushed in the caves to create a breathable, living exterior that allows the cheese to exhale as it ripens. Taste profile is lactic, nutty, slightly sharp.
The oldest and largest wheels in the Barn First portfolio, the Gigueres weigh about 6 pounds each and are released from the cave between 4 and 6 months from the make date.

Note: our cheese is picked up on Wednesdays. Any orders placed after 10pm on Tuesday will be included in the following week’s order.

Due to variability in the size of our wheels and cut pieces, these prices are estimates.  Our invoice may reflect a different price than what is listed on this website due to weight variations.  Our per pound price is accurate. 

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