goat’s milk, pasteurized bloomy rind – a mini “brie”

rounds are 3” diameter and weigh 5oz.
$15.50/lb – sold by the piece

Quinby is a mini, 4 oz, brie-style round that fits perfectly on a cheeseboard or in a lunchbox. Barn First Creamery’s most popular cheese, it’s made with milk from the lighter end of the weekly milking cycle, so it’s clean, straightforward and approachable. A crowdpleaser!
Lightly thermalized milk is hand cut into heavy-moisture curds, scooped and formed quickly and then aged for a quick three weeks to create a perfect balance between stable and creamy. Bright white rinds.
Tasting notes: clean, buttery, lactic, light-brie, grassy.

Note: our cheese is picked up on Wednesdays. Any orders placed after 10pm on Tuesday will be included in the following week’s order.

Due to variability in the size of our wheels and cut pieces, these prices are estimates.  Our invoice may reflect a different price than what is listed on this website due to weight variations.  Our per pound price is accurate. 


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