annatto-brine washed brick, round flavor with notes of cured meat and caramel
squares are 3.5” X 3.75” and weigh 9oz
$15.50/lb – sold by the piece

Urdang is the most unique of Barn First’s lineup of cheeses. It’s a stirred-curd, washed-rind square that has notes of cured ham, sawn wood and buttered toast. Rebecca hand stirs the cut curds for an hour to release just the right amount of moisture without pressing, then loose-forms them in rectangular molds so they maintain some mechanical eyes and a fudgy, dense texture when ripened.
They are washed in brine and develop a light orange rind with a delicate, funky nose.
Durable and long aging, they weigh approximately 10 oz each.

Note: our cheese is picked up on Wednesdays. Any orders placed after 10pm on Tuesday will be included in the following week’s order.

Due to variability in the size of our wheels and cut pieces, these prices are estimates.  Our invoice may reflect a different price than what is listed on this website due to weight variations.  Our per pound price is accurate. 

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