Valdés Blue

raw milk blue cheese, aged 3 – 6 months
each wheel is 8” diameter and weighs 5 lbs
$16.50/lb – sold by the wheel, half wheel, or cut piece (4oz – 6oz)

Valdés is Barn First Creamery’s flagship cheese, developed over three years of test batches and recipe tweaking. All-goat blue cheeses are rare on the American scene, and Valdés is the only commercially produced example in Vermont.
Made with the richest milk of the weekly cycle to maximize buttery, blue-cheese mouthfeel. Raw milk from pastured goats gives the cheese a distinctive citrusy sweetness. Bright, tangy and clean, the paste has a fudgy texture with light streaking of blue mold. The natural rinds color a satiny yellow-orange from cave occuring B. linens.
Raw, three month old wheels weigh about 5 pounds each.

Note: our cheese is picked up on Wednesdays. Any orders placed after 10pm on Tuesday will be included in the following week’s order.

Due to variability in the size of our wheels and cut pieces, these prices are estimates.  Our invoice may reflect a different price than what is listed on this website due to weight variations.  Our per pound price is accurate. 

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