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Spring Hill Angus is located in beautiful Derby, Vermont. They are dedicated to raising all of the cattle with the least possible contact of any foreign substances that will remove the distinguished fresh and local quality that consumers are looking for.  Their herd is on a strict regimen, eating grass, corn silage, finishing on grain and only the freshest cuts of hay.  Their farming practices strive on understanding the behavior of the livestock which facilitates the handling to reduce stress which then improves cattle/handler safety and overall animal welfare. Spring Hill Angus and Northeast Kingdom Processing have a special relationship by being owned and operated by a husband and wife team. The best part of this operation is that all steps of the process are fully controlled by the owners from the pasture to your plate.  Importantly they care about their cattle and they care about what their customers are eating too. They take pride in their meat but knowing that it is safe, fresh and local leaves an even better taste in everyone's mouth, they know you will taste the difference too.